Baguette Diamond

A Baguette diamond is a thin, elongated, rectangular-shaped diamond. Baguettes can be almost square in shape, but are more commonly long and thin, often around 5:1 in length to width.

Baguette diamonds can have straight edges in a perfect rectangle, or tapered edges that angle in. These are referred to as “straight” or “tapered” Baguettes.

The corners are perfectly square, which is the biggest difference between Baguettes and similar cuts, like the Emerald Cut.

Baguettes have 14 facets, much less than traditional diamond cuts, which will usually have more than 50. They are usually small, and thus often used as side stones for engagement rings, or for eternity rings or wedding rings.

Baguettes are part of the Step Cut family, which also includes Emerald and Asscher Cuts. One of the distinguishing features of Step Cut diamonds is the straight, clearly-defined facets. This gives diamonds like Baguettes a very different appearance to Round Cut diamonds, with less sparkle and brilliance.

Baguette Diamond
Baguette Diamond

While almost all Baguettes are Step Cuts, it is possible to get hybrid Brilliant Cut Baguettes. These have more facets and as a result, have much more dazzling brilliance, as you can see from this Tapered Brilliant Baguette Three-Stone ring on Blue Nile.

A ring set with Brilliant-Cut Baguettes will come at a much higher price, due not only to the Baguette itself, but the higher quality center stone needed to draw attention.