Oval Diamond

An oval cut diamond provides excellent brilliance, durability and style. We recommend an H color or better and an SI1 or SI2 for clarity for this diamond shape.

Bursting with brilliance and fire, an oval cut diamond is exquisite and unique. The oval is considered a “fancy” shape; the elongated design makes it appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight. For example, a 1ct oval cut looks quite large in a halo setting. But a 1 carat round diamond in a similar setting would look slightly smaller.

The slender body of the oval diamond creates a beautiful, elongated look. It often makes the hand and fingers appear slimmer. The diamond’s shape has no sharp corners, so it’s less prone to chipping.

If you enjoy a rounded design but want a stone with more character, an oval diamond makes a stunning choice. In addition, oval diamonds are almost always priced lower than round brilliants.

Oval Diamond