Rose Cut Diamond

For 500 years, rose cut diamonds were the most sought after. With the rise in popularity of brilliant cut in the 1900’s, rose cut was neglected. It is again becoming a fashion statement, with celebrities and royalty patronising this classic cut.

You can identify a rose cut diamond through a series of noteworthy features. When purchasing a rose cut diamond ring, you’ll notice that the diamond itself has a flat back and domed top, covered with facets in the shape of triangles.

The number of facets on a rose cut diamond depends on the stone itself. These facets are the reason behind the name of the rose cut diamond, as it resembles a beautiful fresh rose with unfolding petals.

Rose cut diamond rings are an excellent choice for the perfect proposal. But in this collection, you will find that they have been used in multiple pieces of jewellery, including earrings.

Today, celebrities, connoiseurs of fine jewellery and fashionistas are driven towards diamond cuts of yore. The rose cut diamond is a fascinating piece of jewellery to witness and wear first hand. Each petal or facet of the cut brilliantly plays with light and exudes a generous sparkle.

Rose Cut Diamond
Rose Cut Diamond

The rose cut diamond saw its glory days in the 16th century and were highly appreciated in the Victorian era. The demand of the royals was simply to ensure that they could produce the maximum lustre of their diamonds in their candlelit abodes.

Vintage is always in fashion. Using modern technology, 3D modeling and inspiration from this classic shape, our designers have come up with a gorgeous collection of rose cut diamond jewellery.

Discover it for the first time or fall in love all over again. The rose cut diamond ring is favoured over others also because of the fact that the rock itself, in the same carat size, appears larger than any other full cut diamond.