Single Cut Diamond

Diamonds are the soul of any modern or traditional jewelry you wear. Whether it is rings, bracelets, pendants, or earrings, they won’t look as magnificent as without diamonds. For these jewelry, single cut diamonds are preferred as compared to full cut.

Wondering what are single or full-cut diamonds and which one should you prefer before buying any jewelry? To help you out in your decision, let us first understand the difference between single cut and full diamonds used in our day-to-day jewelry.

Single cut diamonds doesn’t mean they would have one single cut. These small shaped diamonds weigh a little less compared to a full cut with facets that are different from a usual brilliant cut diamond. They are not expensive as compared to the full cut diamonds because of their smaller size and lesser facets, thus they require less labor and time to create.

They first appeared in the early 1600s with just little facets that can catch the light. These stones were sharp, chopped off, round off rough rock with pointy chunks; far from the diamonds that are put in jewelry. Single cut showed a significant advancement in the field of diamond cutting. Through this technique, new facets are created to give an appearance as contemporary cut diamonds; like the ones which we see in the market today.

Single Cut Diamond